your kidnappedThe risk of kidnapping for ransom has dramatically increased in many parts of the world as a result of weak law enforcement and a disparity of wealth in local regions. We understand the high-risk aspects of a kidnapping and know how to manage the process to facilitate an effective outcome. Our consultants act as intermediaries with outside contacts and provide clients with guidance, regular reports and post-incident briefings and analyses. The GSA team has experience throughout the world, including Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.


extortionCorporations, family businesses and wealthy individuals are susceptible to extortion and threats, especially if they live or work in high-risk countries. GSA provides extortion-readiness planning and crisis-resolution services. We are experts in evaluating circumstances, identifying possible options and recommending a solution that is best for the client and the situation. Our consultants know how to respond to extortion threats, demands and tactics based on years of global experience dealing with common criminals or sophisticated political groups.

Malicious Product Tampering

tamperingCustomer loyalty, brand integrity, corporate reputation and business continuity are all at risk when an organization experiences product tampering. Our experienced consultants help companies ensure consumer protection by teaching them how to respond to an incident with the least amount of commercial damage to the organization. We help clients prepare for the unexpected, reduce potential harm to personnel, minimize litigation and protect the reputations of their organizations. We can also assist with investigations through incident containment, information collection, asset tracing and product safeguard recommendations.

Wrongful Detention

in jailLocated throughout the world, GSA's consultants have experience in negotiation, intervention and liberation tactics. We work hand-in-hand with outside parties in an advisory capacity to free the victim without harm or incident. This process often involves dealing with law enforcement or government officials.


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