Physical Security Surveys

riskOur consultants are experienced in conducting site surveys and vulnerability assessments of private residences, corporate headquarters and critical infrastructure such as nuclear or chemical facilities. Our surveys are based on the needs of the client and vary by location, type of business, employee access, culture and threat potential. We provide key security recommendations to reduce the risk of the client and better secure its assets and people. We also provide implementation oversight if requested by the client.

Executive Risk

executiveUnderstanding executive risk, vulnerabilities and how to modify behavior to enhance security are critical skills for executives. Kidnappings and extortion incidents can transpire within an organization, at home or during international travel. We train executives how to avoid dangerous situations during the course of their routine life, schedule and travel. We inform, educate and train executives to minimize their chance of being victimized by enhancing their security awareness and environment. We can also deliver similar training to family and staff members.


magnifying glassWe provide routine background checks, extensive pre-employment investigations and employee breach-of-good-faith investigations. We can investigate access to privileged information, theft of confidential information, financial misconduct and sabotage. Our consultants can also conduct internal and external investigations of criminal or malicious activity.

Business Intelligence and Corporate Due Diligence

GSA's consultants conduct comprehensive domestic and international corporate due diligence investigations specifically designed to benefit multinational organizations with interests in developing markets such as the Americas, China, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. We provide reliable, factual intelligence and background information about key business parameters so that clients can make informed business decisions.


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