Social issues in America have been influenced and changed dramatically over the past decade.

Children are our greatest asset for a strong yet caring society. How do we achieve this? Every day there are reasons for our education community to realize that we need to go farther in the protection of the children that will make us remain that strong but caring country.

Global Security Agency (GSA) has developed a program of teaching, protecting and training that will forever allow parents to see their children safe from harm.

For a small security fee GSA will add a proven program to the abilities and quality of security offered by your School. The program overview has been developed with proven methods.

• Total Security Evaluation of Campus and Buildings.

• Teacher emergency training program and meetings once monthly.

• Children play time reaction games (teaching reaction) minimum of 2 per semester.

• Plain clothes Commissioned Texas Private Protection Officers.

• Trained profilers and children friendly.

• Parent counseling for issues of concern.

The School with the GSA program instituted will have what every parent expects from them.

A Safe Environment for Their Children!

Global Security Agency Inc.

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